A Year for G R O W T H

2 January 2016
2 January 2016, Comments: 0

Last year marked the 10th trip around the sun we have taken as a company.

In the early years Roshon operated the business as a self proprietorship, utilizing his extensive knowledge base from working small scale events and venue shows over the course of his life.

Within a few years, the company took on the form of a small business which staffed local events and trained up and coming leaders in the industry. During this time FLOW managed to continually expand despite the lack of marketing, business planning, or even a website! Our greatest source of new clients has always been word of mouth and referrals from those who we have worked with.

We have experienced incredible growth through this process, and are grateful to have served so many clients- Most of which continually call on our teams year after year, allowing us to form intimate and lasting partnerships.

This year we are determined to establish a greater presence online to help showcase our incredible team and highlight the unique offerings we provide events and festivals. Our most popular department by far has been Safe In Sound, our Medical and Security Teams. We also offer Logistics, Site Operations, Greening(Trash/Recycling/Compost), Entertainment and Workshops, Professional Consultations, Equipment, and more. It’s time for us to spread our wings and settle into the truly Turn Key Event services company that we are.

Our company was founded within the realization that conscious festival and event culture is the communal manifestation of our Age, and we have dedicated ourselves to the path of helping make these gatherings safe and sustainable.
Our mission is to lift up local and global communities, uniting people across all demographics under a common goal of Healing through Music, Arts, Environmental Stewardship, and Social Responsibility.

By serving as a spoke in the wheel, we aim to help event organizers and patrons live out these crucial experiences which not only enliven the individual but also spark change on a much larger scale.

We look forward to a year of true growth in 2016, and hope to see you in the field.

With Love,

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