Safe in Sound

Event Medical and Security

One of FLOW's most highly demanded services is Medical and Security, collectively known as "Safe In Sound"

Health and Safety Overview

Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy environment for all in attendance, and to minimize off site transport.
We emphasize conflict resolution and use the O.F.N.R (Observation,Feeling,Need, Request) system in dealing with all medical and security issues. Many of our team members have also been through the C.E.R.T(Community Emergency Response Team) training program, and all personnel have field experience.

The proof is in the performance.

-Roshon, FLOW Founder and Security Director

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Emergency Response UTV, On Site at Cherokee Farms

Fist Aid/First Response

FLOW has a fully insured and licensed medical team to provide everything from bug spray --> triage --> off site transport. We pride ourselves in the quality of our staff which include Registered Nurses, EMT's, First Responders, Wilderness First Aid Personnel, and Physicians

These qualified professionals put safety first and are always on staff and on call.

We provide a range of basic first aid supplies from ace bandages to sunscreen and potable water. All of our services and supplies are given free of charge to patrons through the First Aid booth. We also have AED machines, transport backboards, C-collars, resuscitation masks, ambu bags and more, for any serious medical calls.

Additionally, FLOW's first response vehicles can be quick on the scene to any and all unforeseen situations in need of direct care. Our team aims to provide field experienced and licensed staff to manage on site incidents.

Before arriving on site, our medical leads have identified where the nearest facilities are in case an emergency call needs to be made at any hour. Our team is well equipped to liaison with local agencies if the need presents itself. Our medical team consistently receives five star reviews from every client we serve. The Safe in Sound Medical and Security teams work intimately with each other on most occasions, thus creating a truly dynamic system of mutual support. We pride ourselves in the vital experience we have making critical decisions in case of crisis.
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Roshon on Duty

The safety and security of everyone on the site is the top priority for our F.L.O.W. Security Team. We are on call 24/7 to handle any security matters that may exist. We specialize in de-escalating and diffusing situations and strive for peaceful resolutions. We want everyone to feel that they are protected; that includes the guests, vendors and your staff/volunteers. Security has response vehicles so that they can be at a scene in a moments notice. There is constant radio communication and frequent check-ins during the entire event to give you the utmost care and most thorough coverage. Many of our staff are militarily trained and medically trained with at least CPR and First-Aid. Our staff have the experience and training to protect your needs.