Roshon Cray, Founder & CEO

Roshon's Bio

I was raised in and around our nation’s capital and was extremely influenced by the culture, compassion and diversity there. From as young as I can remember, my father, played in the National Air Force jazz group the “Air Men of Note”. He brought me to many gigs, concerts and festivals at the Lincoln Memorial Wolf Trap Amphitheatre, the greens of the Washington Monument or some other National Landmark. My Mother, a Clinical Therapist and serious Community Outreach Coordinator, was always bringing me with her to seminars, public forums, Boys and Girls club meetings, A.X. shelters, homeless shelters, or a variety of service/awareness programs which taught me to learn to share in the human experience and instilled in me a need for community service and for safety and healing. Most of all I learned to remember to give thanks for life.

As my years increased, so did the need to expand and explore this beautiful country and its diverse people and places. These experiences lead me, once again to my roots in Music, the Arts, Humanities and Public Service. For 20 years now I have been a Co-Founder and Producer of a unique and free solar powered kitchen and theater, which a couple times a year, travels nationally and even at times, internationally to events and gatherings to share Arts, Culture and Cuisine. As time passed, outreach for people in need became much greater. So when the wake of Katrina hit in 2005, people from our “Feeding Theater Crew” and with the help of Organic Valley, as well as, thousands of others, worked diligently to feed, shelter, clothe and comfort disaster victim’s across the gulf region in whatever way we could. Our group and multiple other organizations, still to this day work with people in need, both home and abroad.

These wonderful yet challenging Free Kitchen and Theater experiences, as well as intense Disaster Relief situations were life changing. Mixing that with the years of service to the people through Food, Music and the Arts, I was brought to seek a more specialized and educated approach to my service for my family and humanity. I realized at that time, all my training would one day mesh under one banner. I then thought to myself:

"Where do people sleep?

Where do people eat?

How can we feed the masses?

What if there’s a medical or security emergency?

How do we stay clean, dry and safe?"

Most of all, how do we rise up and build again, rise up to meet a new day, ultimately rise up and take our stance again. This, my friends, was how F.L.O.W “Functions Logistics Operations Works” was born. The How, What, When and Where of your next Event!

So here’s what I’ve been up to since. . . Founder and CEO of FLOW Event Management and Staffing Services, Director and Events Manager at the Metrosphere in downtown Asheville, Co-owner and Co-founder of Black Mountain ARC, Co-founder of R.A.L.A.K. Fest, Co facilitator for the Center of Natural Healing Retreats, Site Operations Manager for L.A.A.F.F 2012, Site Operations Manager for Asheville Earth Day 2012, Co-Founder and Treasurer of the Non-profit organization A.R.R.R. “American Rainbow Rapid Response", C.E.R.T. “Community Emergency Response Team”, O.F.N.R. “conflict resolution techniques”, First Aid, C.P.R, A.E.D, Shanti Seena “peace keeping techniques, Basic Aikido self-defense, 20 years feeding and educating youth on some of the front lines of America. Now last but definitely not least, I am a father of six, which I must add, has been the most educating and uplifting of all. "We are looking forward to it!"

Amber Victoria Chief Operating Officer

Amber is the COO of Flow Event Services LLC.
Amber's Bio
Amber began working with FLOW as a volunteer with the Box Office team in the summer of 2012. She has since moved on to become the Co-Director of the company. Amber currently enjoys working in client communications to create personalized services catered for each unique event. She also regularly trains FLOW personnel and is responsible for the business systems management.